Our School Council works hard to make things better in our school. We do this by being the voice of the pupils and have an input in decisions that are made to improve our learning.

We do various things to raise money for charities, the FSA and our school. These range from competitions, bake sales, non-uniform days, book fayres and raffles. The money we raise will go towards providing things our children have asked for such as a scooter rack.

As a School Counsellor it is our responsibility to have regular meetings in our classes and take information, ideas and concerns to our School Council meetings, which are held weekly. We also share information with our classes about upcoming events, rules, competitions, new clubs and any other important changes about our school.


‘I feel very proud of myself that I got chosen for School Council. I think that it is very important that we accept everyone’s ideas. I really like talking about the ideas to try and make school a better place.’ Nieve age 10


‘I like School Council because I get to talk about things like Red Nose Day, Children in Need. I am so glad I got chosen, thank you for voting for me, it’s so much fun. You should have a go next year.’ Ryan age 9


‘I feel very honoured and proud to be part of school council. I enjoy the meetings we have to make school even better than it already is. I love hearing the children’s ideas and developing them. Being a School Councillor gives me the skills to take with me to secondary school.’ Ollie age 10


‘I enjoy the meetings and I particularly like all of the things we do inside and outside of school like raising money for charity. I am honoured to be part of the school council.’ Alicia age 10


‘Being part of the School Council makes us feel responsible for what happens in our school and listened to. We feel valued by staff and pupils which helps us to achieve the best we can for our school.’

Morton Primary School Council


This year our school councillors are:

Year 1 – Tilly and Mia, Year 2 – Scarlett and Owen, Year 3 – Nula and Lewis, Year 4 - Sam and Sophia, Year 5 – Nieve and Ryan, Year 6 – Alicia and Oliver.