English at Morton

Here at Morton Primary School, we believe the development of language and communication skills is of the highest priority for the success of our children.  

In learning about English, our children develop skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening enabling them to express themselves creatively and imaginatively and to communicate effectively with others.

Our whole school objectives in the teaching of English are:

  • to offer an exciting and accessible curriculum.
  • to develop the skills of each child to the highest level.
  • to nurture confident children who leave the school with an enjoyment of and passion for English


Reading is promoted as an enjoyable activity and a life skill throughout Morton Primary School.

Our aims are to enable children to:

·         develop positive attitudes towards reading so that it is a pleasurable and meaningful activity;

·         use reading skills as an integral part of learning across the curriculum;

·         read and respond to a variety of texts whilst gaining increased level of fluency, accuracy, independence and understanding;

·         develop different strategies for approaching reading and be able to orchestrate the full range of strategies.

We place a significant emphasis on reading at Morton.

Each year we set a 'Read to Succeed Challenge' aimed at building up the reading stamina in our children.

In recent years we have read:

From 'Morton to Moscow' 

Around the World by 'Reading around the Equator' 

And our latest challenge to read from 'Morton to Tokyo'

We also have our daily Read Write Inc or Guided Reading lessons as well as 'Reading for Pleasure' in our afternoon Read to Succeed or 'Reading PAL'S UK' session


How Reading is taught

Reading in taught through systematic synthetic phonics using Letters and Sounds. The children are taught each day in phonics groups reflecting the phase of the phonics programme that they are currently working within.  

As children progress through the Phonics stages the then move into daily Guided Reading groups. The activities the children take part in range from Teacher/Teaching Assistant led group or individual work, independent group work or computer based comprehension activities liked to First News.

We do this by developing the children’s decoding skills, moving onto a fluency of reading and then build the comprehension skills so they can show an understanding of the texts they are reading. Along the way we aim to increase the vocabulary knowledge of the children as this plays a vital role in developing their understanding of the texts they are reading.

Finally we build on the children’s knowledge and give them the tools to help them overcome the barriers to understanding the text and increasing their comprehension skills.

From Year 2 children will have access to the First News iHub from home to help them consolidate the skills they are learning at school.

Whether your child is an avid reader, a reluctant reader or somewhere in between, it is often useful to have an idea of books that are available and suitable for their age and stage of reading.


The websites below, whilst not exhaustive, are easy to use and may provide you with books to encourage and excite your reader.


The main site logo for the BookTrust website





The links below allow you to find out about some famous authors and the exciting books they have written for children...





Other free websites that your child can enjoy at home:



Grammar and Punctuation 

Explicit knowledge of grammar is very important and key to a child's progress in both reading and writing. At Morton Primary School we teach grammar through many areas of the curriculum. 

Below are some links to a range of grammar and punctuation games that you and your child can enjoy. This will help to support things they may have been working on in school.

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation Games KS1







Grammar and Punctuation Games KS2