School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our important policies for your reference.

We aim to be environmentally friendly by publishing policies electronically. You are free to download any of the policies on this page.

If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed please ask the school office.

We can also provide any paper copies of information on our website if you request this.


Anti-Cyberbullying Policy
Updated: 18/10/2017 77 KB
Behaviour Policy
Updated: 17/11/2017 36 KB
Child Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy
Updated: 30/09/2019 1.53 MB
Child Friendly Complaints Policy
Updated: 30/09/2019 1.49 MB
Complaints Procedure
Updated: 18/10/2017 405 KB
Updated: 18/10/2017 257 KB
Exclusion Policy
Updated: 17/11/2017 102 KB
Intimate Care Policy
Updated: 30/09/2019 837 KB
Leave of Absence
Updated: 18/10/2017 210 KB
Privacy Notice
Updated: 05/02/2019 145 KB
SEN Initial Statement
Updated: 18/10/2017 56 KB
SEN Policy
Updated: 18/10/2017 935 KB
Separated Parents Policy
Updated: 23/11/2018 335 KB
Social Media Policy
Updated: 30/09/2019 41 KB
Volunteer Policy
Updated: 30/09/2019 446 KB
Work Experience Policy
Updated: 30/09/2019 438 KB