PE and Sports Premium

What is School Sports Premium?

The government provides funding for every primary school through the Sports Premium. This initiative started back in 2013/14 and funding has been committed until 2020.

The funding is jointly provided by the Department of Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport. The funding goes directly into schools budgets and is aimed at improving the quality of sport and PE and increase levels pf physical activity and wellbeing among children.

At Morton Primary School we believe PE & Sport plays an important role in children’s physical and social development.

We welcomed the Government’s announcement to provide additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. We are committed to using this resource in developing high quality PE lessons, alongside greater opportunities for sporting competitions and clubs for all of the children at our school.

This financial year our school has received £13350

Schools are free to determine how best to use this funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.


The PE Vision and PE Action Plan explain in more detail how we achieve this.

Sports Premium Info

Evidencing the Impact 2018 - 2019
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