Free school meals

Free school meals

To check if your child can get free school meals click on the link above.

Because children come into school with free school meals provided a lot of people don't apply for free school meals. We want to encourage all families to register regardless of if they believe they may be eligible because if you are then the school will benefit too as they'll get the pupil premium of approximately £1,000 a year from the government for each child eligible for free school meals. This money will become available to futher support the education of the children elegible. 

You don't need to worry about other children knowing if your child gets free school meals. Only the school will know.

You could save £400 a year for each child and your children could benefit from a good hot meal at lunchtime. 


Please see below for the latest School Menu. Copies are available in the school entrance.

School Menu


Derbyshire put a great deal of time, effort and money into creating healthy menus and promoting the healthy choices to pupils. We also want to provide parents with all the information they need about school dinners and that is why we have developed this website.

Our menus are on a four weekly cycle and include vegetarian options. If your child has any special dietary requirements then please speak your child's school. All our menus meet the current Government nutritional standards.  You can download our nutritional information with RDA guides here.

The recommended meal price for a Primary school child is £2.30 this is excellent value for money! (Price correct from September 2022).

Please note that sometimes our cooks have to make menu changes at short notice (for instance if there is a problem with food deliveries) but we aim to keep this to a minimum.